Isolated Rohingyas in Myanmar Receive Food Packages

Isolated Rohingyas in Myanmar Receive Food Packages

ACTNews, RAKHINE – The armed conflict between Myanmar Military and members or Arakan Army erupted in Rakhine State in Myanmar, as reported by international news agencies from February to March 2019.

In early February, Reuters reported that the clash between Myanmar Military and Arakan Army has displaced over 5,000 people in several areas in Rakhine and Chin states since December 2018.

The clash between two groups has made the Rohingyas trapped inside their own villages. The blockade has made it difficult for the civilians to access basic needs.

In mid-March, hundreds of food packages were delivered to the Rohingyas in an effort to deliver the aid trusted by the people of Indonesia. Sucita Pri Ramadinda of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) reported that 1,100 individuals benefitted from the aid distribution that took place on Tuesday (3/19) and Wednesday (3/20) in Sin Kon Taine Village in Rathedaung, Rakhine State.

“Most of the Rohingyas that received the aid packages work as farmers and oddjobbers. Many are even unemployed. The ongoing conflict has made their life extremely difficult, even to just get enough food,” said Ramadinda in early April.

As reported by Kasim (50), the villagers live in utter hardship after their villages were blocked. Hundreds of impoverished residents live in these villages, and they were extremely grateful for the food packages from Indonesia.

“ACT helps people who are starting to lose hope during this hard time. We are happy and we always pray for ACT. May Allah reward ACT’s kindness and may Allah grant them Paradise for each cent that they donate for the needy,” Kasim said to ACT volunteers in Myanmar.

Similar gratitude was also expressed by Muhammad Yarsein (25). “By Allah’s mercy, ACT from Indonesia helped us when we are in dire situation to support our family. The conflict has made our life harder, so we are extremely happy to receive the food aid from ACT. ACT is always in our prayers,” he said. []



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