Israel Announces Demolition of 95,000 Palestinian Houses in West Bank

As many as 95,000 houses and buildings belonging to Palestinians are planned by the Israeli authorities to be demolished soon.

Israeli troops
Israeli troops deploy heavy equipment to destroy Palestinian homes. (Doc. TRT World)

ACTNews, WEST BANK – On Tuesday (12/14/2021), The Chairman of Israel's Yesha Council, David Elhayani, called for the demolition of 95,000 Palestinian homes built in recent years in the so-called 'Area C' of the occupied West Bank.

"We need to stop thinking about what the Palestinians are doing and start thinking about what we have to do. Israel knows how to deal with illegal construction, as it did after approving the Kaminitz Law," Elhayani was quoted by Channel 7 as saying.

The Kaminitz Law, an amendment to the Planning and Building Law of 1965, stipulates increasing Palestinian home demolitions and further criminalization of what Israel calls "unauthorized housing and construction" in the occupied West Bank.

"In an ironic twist, Palestinians are also forced to pay the Israeli authorities for the cost of demolishing their own homes. If they cannot afford it, they must destroy their homes by themselves," Said Mukaffiy of ACT's Global Humanity Response team stated on Wednesday (12/15/2021).

Israel's demolition of Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem increased 21 percent this year, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) said yesterday.

In a report, the UNOCHA said: "In September, the Israeli authorities demolished, forced people to demolish, or seized eight Palestinian-owned structures across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem."

Area C, which makes up about 60 percent of the occupied Palestinian territory, is under Israel's military and administrative control as per the Oslo Accords. It is also the site of the more than 200 illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank, where more than 400,000 settlers live.[]