Israel Arrests Father of Cancer-Stricken Palestinian Without Explanation

Israel arrested Hijazi al-Qawasmi, a father of four children, including cancer-stricken Ahmed (11).

Hijazi al-Qawasmi kisses his child goodbye before he is taken by the Israeli forces. (Twitter/Ramy Abdu)
Hijazi al-Qawasmi kisses his child goodbye before he is taken by the Israeli forces. (Twitter/Ramy Abdu)

ACTNews, WEST BANK – Israeli forces recently arrested dozens of Palestinians in the West Bank without providing any explanation or reason, Tuesday (9/21/2021). One of the Palestinians arrested by the Israeli forces was Hijazi al-Qawasmi, a father of four children, one of whom has bone cancer.

The photo of Hijazi kissing Ahmed's forehead to say goodbye before being taken by Israeli soldiers went viral. His family said the arrest took place at 11 a.m. local time, and the Israeli forces provided no explanations for the man’s detention.

"I asked them what was wrong with him, was it a court order or something he did wrong and they said we don’t know - they didn't reply to me. They arrested him and left," said Qawasmi's wife Bayan Al Natshe.

Natshe said her husband has been crucial in caring for their cancer-stricken son Ahmed (11).

"He was always the first person to ensure of Ahmed's safety and wellbeing, to the extent that my husband had shaved his hair in support for Ahmed's falling hair after chemo. Every time his hair would grow out, he would cut it again just to show Ahmed he was beside him and that Ahmed could beat this illness with the will of God,” said Natshe.

Hijazi’s detention has aggravated Ahmed’s mental health. He was so saddened that he missed his chemo session that he normally receives six days a week.

"When my father kissed me before he left it felt like I was losing him. I immediately began to miss him. I keep praying they release him tomorrow," Ahmed added.

Israel's atrocities against the Qawasmi family was not the first. Two of Hijazi's brothers, Ahmed and Murad, have been killed by Israeli forces. Murad was killed in 2004, while his brother Ahmed was killed seven years ago at the age of 14, in front of Hijazi, while he was near his grandfather's shop in Bab Al-Zawiya in Central Hebron. []