Israel Uses Tanks and Bulldozers to Flatten Agricultural Land in Gaza

Israeli troops infiltrated agricultural areas east of Khan Younis in Gaza's south. They used tanks and bulldozers to destroy Palestinian agricultural land without a compelling reason.

Illustration. Tanks belonging to Israeli forces. (AFP Photo/Jaala Marey)

ACTNews, GAZA – On Monday (12/20/2021), Israeli troops were spotted infiltrating the Gaza border east of Khan Younis. Zionist troops sent six military tanks and bulldozers to the Palestinian agricultural area east of al-Fakhari.

Based on reports from residents in the area, Israeli troops used bulldozers to level large tracts of agricultural land. In addition, Israeli troops opened fire on a group of farmers.

Israel's persecution of farmers also occurred in mid-December. Israeli troops stationed at the military tower were said to have opened fire on groups of farmers from the al-Bureij and al-Maghazi refugee camps. This incident forced the farmers who wanted to farm to leave their land.

The two million Palestinians who live in Gaza are frequently the targets of repeated attacks that have destroyed much of the infrastructure.[]