Israeli Attacks Aggravate Electricity Crisis in Gaza

Due to Israel's military aggression, Gaza's power distribution company predicts that Gaza will experience an electricity crisis shortly.

Fuel aid
Fuel aid from generous benefactors is supplied to hospitals in Gaza in April. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – The electricity company in Gaza said there were massive power cuts in parts of Gaza City following the Israeli attacks that damaged a line that supplies electricity from the only power plant in the southern region of the City.

As reported from Aljazeera, in a Facebook post, the Gaza Electricity Distribution Company said its crews were trying to repair the line, adding that it had been repaired more than once in the week since the bombardment began.

"This makes it very difficult for Gazans to meet their electricity needs. Every day, the average citizen in Gaza only gets electricity for about 4 hours,” said Said Mukaffiy from the ACT’s Global Humanity Response team, Monday (5/17/2021).

Meanwhile, Gaza will run out of fuel to run its power station in two days, according to officials who warned it would see homes and hospitals plunged into darkness after the most intense bouts of fighting since the 2014 war.

According to statistics from the Palestinian energy authority and Gaza’s Electricity Distribution Company, fuel currently being used, which was already being diverted from private companies, will run out in just two days.

“All of this will affect life in Gaza,” said Mohammed Thabeth, a spokesperson for Electricity Distribution Company of Gaza. “Especially the medical sector. We’re talking about dialysis machines, medical imaging equipment, ventilators, and intensive care units. The water sector will be affected too, all vital facilities will,” he added, Monday (5/17/2021).

Israeli Zionist attacks on Gaza are still being intensified. As of Tuesday (5/18/2021), this attack resulted in 212 Palestinians being martyred, 61 of whom were children, and 36 were women. In addition, this attack also caused 224 housing units to be completely damaged, and 36 schools and health centers, and eight mosques damaged. []