Israeli Authorities Forcibly Demolish A Mosque in Nablus

Israeli authorities destroyed another Palestine’s public facility. This time, a mosque in Duma City, Nablus, West Bank was demolished by the Israeli forces.

Palestine crisis.
Illustration. A mosque is demolished by Israeli forces. (Reuters/Ammar Awad)

ACTNews, WEST BANK – Israeli occupation authorities have blatantly shown their colonization to the Palestinians. In the occupied Duma City, Nablus, southern West Bank, a Palestinian mosque was demolished by Israeli force on Thursday (11/4/2021).

Based on the Palestinian official news agency, Wafa, Israeli forces escorted a bulldozer into the town and tore down a mosque that has been attended by worshipers for two years, east of the town.

Suleiman Dawabsheh, head of the local council in Douma told Anadolu Agency that a village south of Nablus, said the occupation forces stormed the Al-Shakara neighborhood ransacking the mosque.

Dawabsheh also noted that two agricultural facilities in the south and west of the town were demolished with the aim of restricting the urban expansion of the village of Douma from three sides and making way for settlement expansion.

The Palestinian Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs issued a statement condemning the demolition of the mosque.

West Bank is mainly controlled by Israeli authorities. They decide where the Palestinians can live and when the Palestinians can travel (including to other parts of the occupied territories such as Gaza and East Jerusalem).

Israeli authorities also control what Palestinians can build including whether they can renovate or expand their houses or not despite owning their own land. It also doesn’t necessary for the Israeli forces whether the Palestinians really have the right to own the land so that they can take over the land anytime.

Under the 1995 Oslo Accords between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, was divided into three portions of areas A, B, and C. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Israeli forces demolished at least 698 Palestinian-owned structures and displaced 949 Palestinians in Area C of the West Bank and East Jerusalem since the beginning of this year.[]