Israeli Forces Blatantly Attack Students in Birzeit University

On 10 January 2022, the Israeli forces raided - namely, the Birzeit University campus, firing live ammunition, injuring students, and abducting and detaining several of them.

Israeli troops
Illustration. Israeli troops forcibly arrest a Palestinian student. (Getty/Wisam Hashlamoun)

ACTNews, WEST BANK – At least one Palestinian student has been wounded by Israeli fire, and four others were arrested as soldiers stormed Birzeit University near Ramallah on Monday (1/10/2022).

A group of undercover Israeli agents, known as Mustarebeen, entered the university's campus from the northern gate and fired live bullets at the students, Birzeit University said in a statement posted on Facebook. 

A video shared by local Palestinian media shows Ismail Barghouti, one of the arrested students, receiving treatment in a hospital after the raid.


The other four students that were arrested are Qassam Nakhleh, Abdel Hafez Sharbati, Walid Harazneh, and Muhammad al-Khatib, according to Wafa. They are active members of the university's student union.

Birzeit University condemned the “blatant attack” and called on international and human rights groups to protect educational institutions. It added that its lawyer is now working to learn the condition of the “kidnapped students”.

The same thing was conveyed by several national figures and civil society organizations. These organizations hold the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for the safety of the imprisoned students and demand their immediate release.[]