Israeli Forces Respond to Palestinians’ Peaceful Protest with Missile Attacks

Israeli armed forces released missiles to several parts of Gaza damaging a number of buildings in the areas. Agricultural land in Beit Hanoun was reportedly destroyed by the attack.

Palestine crisis.
Illustration. Israel shoots another missile to Gaza. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

ACTNews, GAZA – On Sunday (8/29/2021), the peaceful protest by Palestinians in Gaza was returned with missile attacks by Israeli aircraft. Four missiles were released in two different locations in Gaza. a number of buildings were fired and severely damaged in the affected areas.

The two locations are Shuhada Street in the Southern Gaza City and Beit Hanoun in the North Gaza. There was no casualty caused by the attacks that happened in the night. However, agricultural land in Beit Hanoun was reportedly destroyed by the attack.

Hundreds of Palestinians had announced on Saturday they were resuming protests at the separation barrier, aiming to press Israel to ease the blockade they has been imposed for 14 years.

The health ministry in Gaza said 11 Palestinians had been hurt in the clashes, three of them by live rounds. Israeli forces didn’t only use tear gases on the protestors but also firing live rounds and stun grenades. 

On Saturday, Palestinians in Gaza laid to rest Omar Hassan Abu al-Neil, 12, who died of his wounds after being shot by Israeli forces during border clashes a week earlier.

Firdaus Guritno from ACT’s Global Humanity Response expressed his concern about the recent incident. He explains that currently, Palestinians are in need of humanitarian assistance. The years-long blockade has destroyed the economic sector of the Palestinians which now is worsened by the recent attacks that have caused Gaza's condition even more critical.

"We invite Generous Benefactors to provide their best assistance to Palestinians in Gaza. Your assistance will be channeled into various humanitarian programs such as medical assistance which currently is urgently needed," said Firdaus.[]