Israelis Provokes Palestinians in Jerusalem during Flag March

Abeer from ACT Palestine gave a direct description of the condition of Jerusalem during the flag march and explained that many Israelis attacked the Palestinians they encountered.

Israeli troops
Israeli troops prevent a Palestinian woman from passing through the Al Amud Gate in Jerusalem during the march of flags. (Quds News Network)

ACTNews, JERUSALEM – Thousands of Israelis walked hand in hand while waving flags through East Jerusalem. On Tuesday (6/15/2021), they were conducting a march called the March of the Flags to commemorate their illegal occupation of Jerusalem in 1967. Not just a parade, the Israelis also went around while provoking the Palestinians they met.

During the march, the Israelis were heard shouting swear words at the Palestinians in Hebrew. Such harsh words are often heard every year the march takes place.“This is a provocation of our people and aggression against our Jerusalem and our holy sites,” Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said, quoted by Aljazeera.

Abeer from ACT Palestine, who gave a direct description of the condition of Jerusalem during the march, explained that many Israelis attacked every Palestinian they encountered. “Many shops (owned by Palestinians) are closed. However, they (the Israeli settlers) still attacked the people in the shop. They even attack women and children who want to return to their homes,” said Abeer.

Abeer also explained that before the march began, Israeli armed forces on horseback had surrounded the areas leading to the Old City's Damascus Gate. They were clearing the area of ​​Palestinians before the Israeli march arrived there.

Hundreds of Palestinians in Jerusalem who demonstrated and protested the "provocative" march were forced to disperse. Those who stood guard in front of the Damascus Gate to prevent the entry of the marchers came under brutal attack from the Israeli armed forces.

Israeli forces attacked Palestinians protesting against Israel’s flag march at the northern entrance to the West Bank city of al-Bireh, according to local sources. Forces attacked demonstrators with rubber-coated steel bullets, and tear gas canisters to disperse them. However, no injuries or arrests were reported.

17 Palestinians were arrested without reason by the Israeli army, and 33 others were injured when Israeli armed forces fired stun grenades around the Damascus Gate area. However, Abeer stressed that the number of victims was likely far higher than recorded. The data on the injured victims were obtained from those who were rushed to the hospital. Those who were not taken to the hospital were not recorded.[]