It’s Tomorrow! MRI-ACT Will Carry Out a Business Class for Volunteers

The session is prepared to encourage volunteers of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia in finding opportunities and starting a new business. The class will also discuss the initial steps for starting a business.

Business Class.
MRI-ACT West Jakarta Provides a Volunteer Class for MRI volunteers located at Volunteer Food Stall, Srengseng, West Jakarta. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, WEST JAKARTA – Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI)-ACT West Jakarta initiates a Volunteer Class for their volunteer members. The activity will be carried out on Wednesday (8/25/2021) in Volunteer Food Stall, Srengseng, West Jakarta.

Head of MRI West Jakarta, Muhammad Taufik explains that the Volunteer Class titled "Between Opportunities and Challenges" is the first step to explore the entrepreneurial potential of our volunteers. In this class, volunteers will be given tips on starting a business.

“If the initial steps have been passed, then the volunteers already have a business foundation. The next step is just to develop the business that has been built," said Taufik.

Taufik explained that the material will be delivered directly by Tedy Kurniawan, an entrepreneur practitioner since 2010 who also owns Warna X Kopi cafe. One of the materials that will be delivered by Teddy relates to the coffee shop business.

"For those who are curious, tomorrow, they can come to the Volunteer Food Stall next to the Srengseng Village office, Srengseng highway, Kembangan, West Jakarta. Perhaps, those who like to drink coffee can turn into coffee masters," Taufik concluded.[]