Jeneponto Flood Victims Receive Hundreds of Aid Packages

Jeneponto Flood Victims Receive Hundreds of Aid Packages

ACTNews, JENEPONTO – A week after the flashfloods that hit Jeneponto Regency, the water has started receding. According to the reports from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Emergency Response team on the location, the roads that were previously filled with mud have started to be cleaned. A number of flood-affected victims who evacuated to their relatives’ houses have started coming back home.

To fulfill the needs of the disaster-affected victims, ACT set up a humanitarian post in Sapanang Village, Binamu Sub-District, Jeneponto Regency, South Sulawesi. On Sunday (1/3), 131 aid packages consisting of groceries and hygiene kits were distributed to the flashflood victims in Jeneponto Regency.   

“Each package consists of bread, biscuits, mineral water, sugar, tea, cooking oil, as well as hygiene kits such as sanitary napkins, soaps, toothpastes and shampoos,” explained Miswar Arifin of ACT Emergency Response team.

He further reported that although the flood was receding and the evacuees were coming back home, Jeneponto is still in need of aid especially clean water. The flashfloods had filled the locals’ water wells with mud and sand, making it difficult for the locals to get clean water.

“We still have to face several problems. The disaster-affected victims are still in need of many kinds of aid, especially clean water. Insha Allah, in the near future, ACT will give clean water aid to a number of disaster victims. Hopefully, it will be able to ease the burdens of the disaster-affected victims,” said Arifin.

Jeneponto Regency was among 14 regions affected by flashfloods and landslides. Around 450 houses were damaged, forcing thousands of people to evacuate. The disaster also damaged a number of public facilities like bridges and schools. []


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