JNE Collaborates with ACT to Help People of Lombok

JNE Collaborates with ACT to Help People of Lombok

ACTNews, NORTH LOMBOK – The sorrow caused by the Lombok earthquake has not ceased. Many of the locals are still homeless and living in tarpaulin tents in many evacuation sites.

Seeing this terrible condition, JNE is inspired to collaborate with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) to build shelters for Lombok evacuees.

President Director of JNE Indonesia, Edi Santoso stated that humanitarian actions are not merely the duty of some people. It is the duty of all mankind, including corporations like JNE. Such statement was made during his visit to the Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) in Gondang Village, Gangga, North Lombok, Saturday (10/6).

JNE, an Indonesian-based courier company, provides not only free delivery service of humanitarian aid but also direct aid for the earthquake-affected victims.

“We are interested in the Integrated Community Shelter that ACT has constructed. It contains not only shelters but also other facilities like mosque, shops, public kitchens and storehouse,” he explained.

Most importantly, there is also a health clinic that runs for 24 hours to make sure the residents of the shelters are in good health.

JNE plans to build several shelter units and donate some basic needs. Santoso hoped that Lombok recovery could be hastened so that the people of Lombok can live their normal life.

“We hope that the recovery process can be hastened because Palu, Donggala and Sigi are already calling us. There are also our brothers and sisters affected by natural disasters in those areas,” he remarked.

ACT West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Branch Manager, Lalu Muhammad Alfian, who welcomed the JNE Boards of Directors in ICS expressed his gratefulness to JNE for their aid for the people of Lombok.

“As a native Lombok, I thank you because the aid will be very much useful for our people here,” he said.

Alfian explained ACT’s ongoing post-disaster recovery programs like Waqf Shops. Hopefully, this program can revive the economy of the locals that was destroyed by the earthquake. “Hopefully, ACT can continue collaborating with JNE is humanitarian programs. As we know, JNE has been helping much, especially in delivering humanitarian aid,” said Alfian. []



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