JNE Pekanbaru Donates Ambulance Through ACT To Support Humanitarian Action

ACT has again received a mandate from JNE to support humanitarian actions. This time, JNE Pekanbaru handed over an ambulance that will later be used for medical services for people in Riau.

ambulance from JNE
Handover of an ambulance from JNE Pekanbaru to ACT Riau. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PEKANBARU – As a form of concern for the community, JNE Pekanbaru donated an ambulance through Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Riau. The handover took place at JNE Office Pekanbaru City on Friday (26/11/2021).

Hui Mandra, Head of JNE Pekanbaru, said that the spirit of sharing that has accompanied JNE for 31 years is following the principles of the founder of JNE, the late Haji Soeprapto Soeparno, namely giving, helping, and loving. Hence, the donation of this ambulance was a form of commitment to continue to provide the best service to customers. JNE hopes to be able to deliver happiness throughout Indonesia according to its tagline, "Connectinghappiness".

"Hopefully, the activities and assistance provided are a form of support from JNE's contribution and concern to always provide the widest possible benefits to all people in Riau," said Hui Mandra.

Nurdiansyah, Branch Manager of ACT Riau, says JNE’s principle of caring follows the spirit of ACT, which has been with the community through its actions for 17 years. ACT strives to continue to spread benefits to the community and to spread concern for others. Therefore, ACT Riau team appreciated this collaboration.

“I hope that what JNE has done can inspire other entrepreneurs. Hopefully, this collaboration will continue to spread to other business actors, and the goodness will expand," added Nurdiansyah.

ACT will use this ambulance to serve the locals and patients who have become beneficiaries of ACT Riau medical assistance and provide free health services to remote areas of Riau.[]