Joy of Welcoming Construction of a New Mosque in Pangandaran

After a long wait, Sukadana Residents’ wish to have a more proper mosque began to come true. ACT and JNE Tasikmalaya started the mosque construction, and it will be completed within 32 days.

Al-Ikhlas Mosque
Al-Ikhlas Mosque in Sukadana Hamlet, Kalijati Village, Sidamulih, Pangandaran is simple. Some of the walls and roof are hollow. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PANGANDARAN – Dozens of residents live in Sukadana Hamlet, RT 23, RW 13, Kalijati Village, Sidamulih, Pangandaran. Most residents work odd jobs and casual daily workers with uncertain incomes. It makes residents live in poverty.

However, economic conditions do not reduce their intention to worship obediently. Al Ikhlas Mosque becomes the center of religious activities, such as congregational prayers, Quran recitation of children and parents, and other religious activities. Unfortunately, the condition of the mosque was inadequate. The size was small and could not accommodate many congregations. The building was weathered with many holes in the walls and roof. It often leaks when it rains. The worship kits and Quran copies were worn out.

Residents already had plans to repair Al-Ikhlas Mosque by raising funds. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on people's lives, including the economy. Residents are unable to raise money to renovate the mosque.

Now, all the prayers, hopes, and efforts that residents have made to renovate their village mosque can be realized. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and JNE Tasikmalaya are helping to renovate the mosque this weekend. On Tuesday (9/21/2021), the construction has entered its third day. The mosque is estimated to be completed on the 32nd day.

“On behalf of the residents and committee of the mosque, I would like to say thank you to ACT and JNE Tasikmalaya. The other day, we talked about the condition of this mosque. Now, they help us to renovate our village mosque,” said Isak, Head of Al-Ikhlas Mosque Prosperous Council, full of emotion.

Apart from Al-Ikhlas Mosque in Pangandaran, ACT Tasikmalaya is currently trying to renovate other mosques in need. ACT Tasikamalaya also gave renovation assistance to the underprivileged elderly.

“The help that we do is all thanks to the generosity of the community,” said Fauzi Ridwan from ACT Tasikmalaya team program.[]