Jufri Wants to Use Business Capital for Better Product Packaging

Jufri (48) has been selling iced sugarcane juice for years. He wants to use better packaging for his sugarcane juice so it does not easily spill.

In the midst of the current pandemic, Jufri feels that his sales are decreasing. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LHOKSEUMAWE –Jufri (48) opens his sugarcane juice stall every day on Jalan Tgk. Chik Di Tunong, South Hagu Village, Banda Sakti District, Lhokseumawe City. Armed with a sugarcane pressing machine, he sells iced sugarcane juice for IDR 3,000 per portion.

“During cold weather like when it’s rainy or cloudy, I cannot sell the sugarcane juice as smoothly as when it is hot,” said Jufri when met by Global Wakaf – ACT in March.

However, he has quite a lot of loyal customers. Some of them advised him that the plastic bag he uses to wrap the juice makes it easy to spill. He needs a better packaging for his sugarcane juice.

“I want to buy a cup sealing machine so the sugarcane juice can be stored in plastic cups that are more secure. It looks even better than using a plastic bag," said Jufri.

Previously, he had no money to make his wish come true. It is difficult for him to set aside some money while he has a wife and three children to support. Plus, his sales have also been decreasing because of the pandemic.

“I hope for additional capital to finance my business. I want to buy a cup sealing machine and more sugarcanes to increase my production,” Jufri hoped.

Global Wakaf-ACT realized Jufri’s wish through Waqf for MSMEs. In addition to receiving business capital, Jufri will also be assisted so his business can develop. []