Juju Opens Food Stall to Pay Her Husband Treatment

Djuliani, usually called Juju, started a nasi uduk business since her husband suffered from kidney failure. From this business, she meets the needs of her family and her husband's expenses for treatment.

Juju sells nasi uduk and fritters. (ACTNews/Yudha Hadisana)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY – Djuliani started nasi uduk business two years ago. She trades near her son's shop on Jalan Nasional II, Cibanteng Village, Ciampea District, Bogor Regency.

A woman, who is familiarly called Juju, started a business to replace her husband, who was sick with kidney failure. Juju's husband has been unable to work hard and has stopped working as an interprovincial driver. “My husband was treated at the hospital. We were told that my husband needed dialysis and he has to do it for the rest of his life," Juju told the team about her husband's illness.

Juju uses the income from nasi uduk to pay her husband’s treatment. Juju admits that it is hard to calculate trading profits because the gross income is directly used for daily needs. Often, Juju's sales don’t sell out.

I give leftover foods to scavengers or traders who pass by rather than throwing them away. I can't sell leftover rice because it uses coconut milk," said Juju on Tuesday (8/24/2021).

Juju often gets at ease amid difficulties. Her two children always give her money. Many other people were willing to help her husband's treatment, such as the head of RT/RW or people she accidentally met at the hospital.

"I didn't ask for help, but Alhamdulillah, many people cared. I can continue my husband's treatment. Previously, I was desperate because I didn't have money for dialysis, and I also had no income,” said Juju.

Juju received business assistance from the Productive Business Waqf program. She got a Waqf Cart to support her business. Juju was grateful and even more excited. In the future, she wants to sell near her house and sell various other snacks. “Hence, I am not too tired. If it rains, I don't get rained on. If near my house, it will be easier for me to pray and take care of my husband. Unfortunately, I have no money,” said Juju.

Juju also hopes that her husband will recover and carry on with his normal activities. "Hopefully, my family and I keep healthy, and my business will continue. May Allah give healing to my husband even though the doctor sentenced him to no longer be able to work," hoped Juju. []