Kaditha Ayu and Richa Iskak's Sympathy for the People of Palestine

Kaditha Ayu and Richa Iskak's Sympathy for the People of Palestine

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Violence and repression afflict the children and teenagers in Gaza Strip repeatedly. In early March (3/6), a 15-year-old teenager named Said al-Din Abu Zeid was shot duting a protest in eastern Gaza, close to the Israel border, as reported by Al-Jazeera. Six injured protesters were hospitalized in Shifa Hospital.

The humanitarian crisis that afflict the people of Palestine has gained massive sympathy from the Indonesian society, including Indonesian public figures. One of them was actress Kaditha Ayu who felt saddened by the current condition of the Palestinians. Based on the news she read and videos she watched, she felt that the oppression that the Palestinians face is too inhumane.

Ayu couldn’t imagine if such situation happened in Indonesia. “If only the condition of the Palestinians was also faced by the people of Indonesia, especially my own family, ya Allah, it would be difficult to imagine,” said Ayu repeatedly.

Ayu gave her best support and prayers for the people of Palestine. Despite living quite far away from Palestine, she does not stop praying for the safety and well-being of the people of Palestine. She also enjoins all the people of Indonesia to give their support and aid for the Palestinians.

“Prayers from their fellow Muslims mean so much for them. Keep doing your best in supporting them for the sake of Allah, and it will be rewarded by Allah,” said Ayu, clenching her fist.

The sympathy for the people of Palestine was also expressed by actress Richa Iskak. The wife of actor Gary Iskak couldn’t imagine how such cruel oppression was committed by Israel especially to the children. “It’s heartbreaking. It’s hard to describe what it would be like if I were in their position. When seeing Palestinian children, I felt speechless,” said Iskak.

The blockade that has been imposed for over a decade, according to Iskak, has decreased the quality of the Palestinians’ lives. “From what I know, the condition in Palestine has not changed. The people are deprived of food. They are also freezing during winter. Their condition is heartbreaking,” added Iskak.

Participating in Humanitarian Ship for Palestine

After reaching Palestine in February 2018, another Humanitarian Ship is set to sail before Ramadan, bringing tons of food aid for the people of Palestine.

Upon hearing about the plan to sail another Humanitarian Ship for Palestine, Kaditha Ayu and RIcha Iskak fully support the initiative. “Keep your spirit, my dear brothers and sisters in Palestine because Allah is truly with you. I, Richa Iskak, support the sailing of the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine!” said Iskak. []



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