Kalibiru Residents Send Support for Palestine

Seeing the worsening condition of Palestine caused by the Israeli occupation, various organizations in Kalibaru, Cilincing, North Jakarta raised funds distributed through ACT.

Donation for Palestine
The handover of donations for Palestine from people in Kalibaru, Cilincing. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, NORTH JAKARTA – The condition of Palestine, which is getting more pressured by the Israeli occupation, has had a big impact on the people. They experience obstacles in various ways. Even just resting their bodies feels unsafe because Israeli attacks can occur at any time. The whole day was tense.

From this condition, many Persaudaraan Masyarakat Kalibaru (PMKB) members in Kalibiru Village, Cilincing, North Jakarta provided support for Palestine. At the Baitul Mukminin Mosque, they held silaturrahim, then continued with joint prayers for Palestine and garnering support.

The initiator of PMKB Sitoh Anang said the activity to gather support was proof of a sense of solidarity for fellow Muslims who were currently colonized in Palestine. This activity supporting Palestine began with a message on Whatsapp and with a short preparation.

“Tonight, we, from Kalibaru, Cilincing, send a message to the world that a good movement has been launched and will be followed by mosques and all parties to do the same for Palestine. This also proves that we care for our brothers and sisters in Palestine," said Sitoh while respecting all representatives of the organizations present on Tuesday (5/18/2021).

The silaturrahim held by PMKB involved various parties in North Jakarta; the representative of the district, MUI, Muhammadiyah, NU, North Jakarta DMI, Linmas, Babinsa, RT RW forum, and volunteers of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia North Jakarta.

The head of RW 07 and the representative of Forum of RT RW Kalibaru, Caharudin, hope this activity will become a momentum for Kalibaru residents to raise awareness and attention to the humanitarian crisis that has occurred in Palestine.

“We heard about the condition of Palestine that the occupation continues there. The humanitarian tragedy and Israel’s deprivation of Palestinian happened not just a day or two but for years,” said Caharudin.

In this activity, after remarks from various organizations, IDR 25 million of aid was given to ACT for the humanitarian programs through the ACT branch office in Palestine.[]