Karam Abu Salem Crossing Closed, Aid Delivery Hampered

Karam Abu Salem Crossing Closed, Aid Delivery Hampered

ACTNews, GAZA – The blockade imposed by Israel upon Gaza Strip has led to food scarcity in Gaza, Palestine. On Tuesday (3/5), Israel blocked Karam Abu Saleem crossing, blocking the access for humanitarian aid and food packages to get in, as reported by Palestinian local media.   

The closure of Karam Abu Saleem is followed by attacks by Israel on several Palestinian territories. As reported by Middle East Monitor, the closing of Karam Abu Salem crossing and the increasing strikes by Israel are to response to the incendiary balloons which exploded in the air and caused no damage to Israel.

Despite the closing of Karam Abu Salem crossing, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) keeps trying to deliver the aid from the people of Indonesia to the people of Palestine especially in Gaza, as stated by ACT Vice President Ibnu Khajar.

“The closing of Karam Abu Salem crossing will not make us falter and stop helping the people of Palestine. We will keep doing our best to make sure our aid can reach them. Insha Allah, thousands of tons of aid packages from Indonesia will be shipped in late April through the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine. This is part of our jihad to support them who are fighting for their freedom,” said Ibnu Khajar.

Home to over 1.8 million residents, the Gaza Strip has six crossings on Gaza-Israel borders and one crossing on Gaza-Egypt border. Since 2007, Israel has closed four crossings in Gaza, leaving only Erez and Karam Abu Salem crossings open for limited purposes.

For years since the blockade was imposed, Karam Abu Salem has been the only commercial crossing available for the people of Gaza. Karam Abu Salem crossing has also frequently been closed due to the escalating situation during the Great March of Return protests which Israel sees as a threat for its civilians.

Picture sources: ACT, AFP



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