Karang Gading Villagers No Longer Rely on Murky Swamp Water

In Karang Gading Village in Deli Serdang Regency, the only available water that the locals use for their daily needs is that from the swamp. The water is often murky and unfit for use. To get clean water, the locals have to buy it from outside the village.

waqf well
Residents of Karang Gading Village flock near a waqf well that was newly built by Global Wakaf – ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, DELI SERDANG – The murky, smelly, dirty swamp water used to be the only thing available for the residents of Karang Gading Village in Deli Serdang. They had no choice but to use it for their daily needs including showering and washing.

To get clean water, they would have to travel for 1.5 hours to the neighboring village. Without public transport, only people who have their own vehicles can go.

“The residents had to pay IDR3,000 for a jerry can of clean water. Though it may sound cheap, it’s still too expensive for those without a steady income,” said Dani from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) North Sumatra Program Department, Friday (12/17/2021).

Only ten percent out of 683 residents that make up 170 families in the village have bathrooms and water wells. Most of the locals just use latrines built on the swamp, making the swamp water increasingly polluted.

The Karang Gading residents’ dire need for clean water has come to the attention of waqf donors. Together with ACT Medan, they raised funds to build a waqf well and toilets. The construction began in early October 2021 and finished in mid-December 2021.

“For the first stage, we have built a borehole water well and toilets. Insha Allah, we are planning to build two more,” Dani added.

The community was overwhelmed with joy as they began using the water well and toilets. They no longer have to spend money on clean water.

“We are very grateful for the public Waqf Well and toilets in our village. We used to buy water every day for consumption, and use water from the swamp for bathing and other needs. We thank Global Wakaf – ACT and the donors for building these facilities in our village. Thank you very much,” said Usman, one of the residents. []