Kasmiris No Longer Need to Worry About Food This Winter

Kasmiris No Longer Need to Worry About Food This Winter

ACTNews, KASHMIR – The chilly winter air in Kashmir poses a problem for the people of Kashmir. The temperature plummeted, reached as low as minus 6 degrees Celsius in Wednesday (2/27) according to online weather sites. Kashmir is a region in the Indian Subcontinent who has long been disputed by two countries, resulting in the insecurity for 13 million of its residents.

The raging conflict has put the life in Kashmir under a threat. Sucita Pri Ramadinda of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) stated that the political conflict and the freezing winter in Kashmir have made it difficult for the Kashmiris to survive. This is a dire condition they have to face each year.

The difficult situation which the Kashmiri civilians are facing has also become ACT’s concern. In mid-February 2019, ACT distributed winter aid in the form of food packages for the Kashmiris. “Alhamdulillah, this winter, the people of Kashmir no longer need to worry about food. The food packages were distributed from Saturday (2/9) to Monday (2/11). The food aid from ACT in this winter brings happiness and hope to those living in deprivation,” said Ramadinda.

She added that the food package distribution is just the first batch of the program, with 476 recipients benefitting from the program. Another food packages distribution will soon be held.

Taha (7), a boy who was among the beneficiaries told ACT partner there of his condition. “My father is too sick to work. Our family needs food and I still have wishes and hopes to study well,” said Taha.

Similar expression of gratitude was also uttered by Mubeena (53). “I am very happy for the winter foor packages. Thank you for your concern and may similar food distribution be held in the future,” she said.

To date, the region has been disputed by three countries: India, Pakistan and China. The BBC reported that the cellular service in Kashmir – India was cut off on weekends. Clashes often erupt in this region, including attacks towards military personnel and civilians. The situation often escalates, and wars erupted in 1947 and 1965, resulting in economic and political instability and high unemployment rate. []


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