Kedungranti Residents Joyfully Welcome First Waqf Well in Their Hamlet

The 43rd Waqf Well that Global Wakaf-ACT built in Special Region of Yogyakarta was constructed in Kedungranti Hamlet, Nglipar, Gunungkidul. The first wqf well in the hamlet was met with happiness by the residents as it becomes a solution to the prevalent water crisis.

The construction of the Waqf Well in Kedungranti Hamlet, Nglipar, Gunungkidul. The waqf well is now finished and able to be used. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GUNUNGKIDUL – One of the common problems in the Gunungkidul area of the Special Region of Yogyakarta is water shortage. Especially during the dry season, water is difficult to obtain. When this happens, the locals often have to take water from the nearest source. In addition, they often wait for clean water distribution to reach their village.

In Kedungranti Hamlet, Nglipar, Gunungkidul, there’s actually a well that is 20-meter-deep. However, it always dries up during the dry season. The borehole well they urgently needed to reach the water source was not available.

“We had no borehole wells. It’s too expansive for the local residents,” said Al-Ikhlas Mosque caretaker Joko, Wednesday (10/13/2021).

Thanks to the generosity of the community, the water shortage in the hamlet is slowly being alleviated. Global Wakaf – ACT built the first waqf well in Kedungranti that was inaugurated on Wednesday (10/13/2021). The well that was 100-meters-deep was constructed in the courtyard of Al-Ikhlas Mosque to make it easy for the locals to use it. They are happy with the newly-built well.

"Alhamdulillah, the residents are very grateful for the assistance of the Waqf Well. Insha Allah, they will continue to maintain and care for this well so that the reward will continue to flow," added Joko.

The Waqf Well built in Kedungranti Hamlet is the 43rd well that Global Wakaf-ACT has built in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. This well was built in collaboration with Gerombolan Orang Baik. "Hopefully this water well will be useful for the worshippers and local residents," hoped Taufiq Nugroho of Gerombolan Orang Baik.

Global Wakaf – ACT Yogyakarta Branch Manager Nur Aries Shoim said more waqf wells will be built in areas prone to water crisis such as Gunungkidul. These waqf wells have been proven useful to ease the water crisis when the drought hits.

"Insha Allah, more waqf wells will be built to ease water crisis with the support of the waqf endowers and the generosity of the community,” he hoped. []