Khatijah Grateful for Her Simple Life

Khatijah (58), a resident of Buni Reuling Village, Padang Tiji District, Pidie Regency, lives a modest life. Nevertheless, she is grateful for what she has.

Khatijah, a resident of Pidie Regency, when met by volunteers from the Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia of Pidie Regency at her home. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PIDIE REGENCY - From the life of Khatijah (58) a resident of Buni Reuling Village, Padang Tiji, Pidie Regency, we can learn to be grateful. The mother of three always looks cheerful. Khatijah's life, for most people, may seem uncomfortable. However, for her, it is an immense blessing for Allah just to be able to live.

Khatijah was doing chores as a volunteer from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Pidie Aceh was delivering foodstuffs from the Food Alms Gathering Point in November.

Khatijah lives in a decrepit house. She and her three daughters sleep in the kitchen with leaking roofs. "If it rains, it leaks," she said. The roofs of her house are made of spare zinc sheets. Meanwhile, the floor is often submerged in floods because the foundation of the house is too low. The walls are full of holes and fragile. Khatijah and her children are afraid every time it rains at night.

She works in a farm and does not have enough money to repair the house. Meanwhile, her husband passed away in 2013. “We barely have enough to eat, let alone to repair the house. At times we have to beg for rice from the village elders," she admitted to the ACT Aceh team.

Laila Khalidah of Aceh ACT Program team explained, there are lessons that can be learned from Khatijah’s life. "One of them is learning to be grateful. Despite the hardships that Khatijah faces, she is always grateful and lives a happy life. It was evident from the way she interacts with MRI Pidie volunteers during a visit to her house," said Laila.

In addition to being grateful for the situation, continued Laila, Khatijah is a convert who is not tired of studying the religion. As a Muslim convert, Khatijah is so passionate about deepening her understanding of the religion of Islam. Every day during the dusk and evening prayers, she always prays in the village mosque. Every Friday, she never misses the Islamic class that is held every week.

Laila invites people of Aceh to help Khatijah. "Support Aksi Cepat Tanggap Aceh in bringing smile to the needy. You can best provide assistance through donations of cash or come directly to the ACT Aceh Branch Office," said Laila.

The donation can be channeled to Bank Aceh Syariah at 0100193000920, BNI Syariah at 6600011008, or Bank Syariah Mandiri at 7089786023 in the name of Aksi Cepat Tanggap. []