Kindness Extends to Indonesian Outer Islands

Cheap and Free Food Operations are held not only in big cities in Java but also to Indonesian remote areas.

Cheap Food Operation
One of the residents of Bintan who buys a food package from the Cheap Food Operation. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TANJUNGPINANG – Still on the occasion of World Food Day, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continues to extend its philanthropy in the form of food aid to all corners of the country. Goodness packages are distributed, even though the terrain and distance are not as easy as imagined.

Like last Saturday (16/10/2021) when ACT came to Teluk Merbau Village, Berakit Village, Teluk Sebong, Bintan. In this village which is inhabited by Sea Tribes, ACT held a Cheap Food Operation for local residents. The best food packages can be obtained by residents for only half the price.

"Alhamdulillah, the Cheap Food Operation this time is fully supported by generous donors, so that food packages can be received free of charge by the people of the Sea Tribe in Berakit," explained Remy Maulana Hadie from the Tanjungpinang ACT Program team.

Teluk Merbau Village is one of the Sea Tribe villages which is located on the outskirts of the Bintan coast. To arrive at the village, from the city center, you have to pass through a coconut plantation. The Sea Tribe itself is a community that previously settled on boats in the waters of the archipelago.

In Bintan and various small islands in the Riau Archipelago, especially around Batam, many Sea Tribes have chosen to live on land. Not a few also those who have embraced Islam. However, many of their economies are still underprivileged with fishermen being the main profession. Weather conditions at sea and fish season are their challenges in earning a living.

“The actions that ACT holds are part of an effort with donors to overcome the impact of the pandemic. All of this can work because it is driven by kindness,” added Remy.[]