KKIPP Condemns Israel's Violent Action in March of the Flags

International Humanitarian Committee for Palestine Liberation (KKIPP) takes a stand in response to the Israeli Zionist violence during the March of the Flags on Tuesday (6/15/2021). KKIPP opposes the atrocities carried out by the Israeli Zionist armed forces against the Palestinians.

KKIPP Condemns the violence against the Palestinians in the March of the Flags (ACTNews/Muhammad Ubaidillah)

ACTNews, JAKARTA –The excuse of security carried out by the Israeli Zionist armed forces during March of the Flags at the Damascus Gate, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, Tuesday (6/15/2021), caused the barricades to be installed tightly, thus intimidating Palestinians.

Dozens of Palestinians became victims of beatings by the Israeli Zionist armed forces in this action. At the same time, several groups of women waving the Palestinian flag were pulled back by force from the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The violence committed during the Flag March also gained a response from various parties including criticism from the International Humanitarian Committee for Palestine Liberation (KKIPP). "KKIPP emphasizes its stance on the conditions of the siege and attack on the Palestinians at the March of the Flags yesterday," said the Chairman of KKIPP Aulia Ikhsan Fahdiat on Thursday (6/17/2021).

The official statement by KKIPP is as follows:

1. Strongly condemn the arbitrary actions carried out by the Israeli authorities against Palestine.

2. Calling on the Israeli authorities to immediately withdraw their troops from the Al-Aqsa Mosque, release Palestinian prisoners who are being held, and stop air attacks on Gaza.

3. Inviting the entire world community to continue to accompany the struggle of the Palestinians in achieving their independence.

Ikhsan also said the KKIPP would continue the struggle to liberate Palestine. “As a nation that condemns all forms of colonialism, KKIPP continues to convey the message of Palestinian independence and strongly condemns all forms of occupation and attacks that occur at Al-Aqsa Mosque,” said Ikhsan.

Currently, there are various institutions and communities in more than 80 regions in Indonesia that have expressed support for the independence of Palestine from Israeli occupation. This number continues to grow. Israel's Zionist attacks make food, education, health, and housing problems still suffocating the Palestinians every day.[]