KKIPP: Time for the Recovery of Palestine

Member of KKIPP’s Supervisory Board Ibnu Khajar stated that KKIPP will take advantage of the ceasefire in Gaza to ensure the distribution of humanitarian assistance.

KKIPP officials
Member of KKIPP Supervisory Board Ibnu Khajar (Center), KKIPP Chairman Aulia Ikhsan Fahdiat (Left), and KIPP Secretary General Ardiansyah (right), express the KKIPP's stance on the ceasefire in Gaza. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – The people of Gaza can finally have peaceful days after Israel agreed to a ceasefire on Friday (5/21/2021) morning. Consequently, the airstrikes have stopped, and the sounds of explosions are no more. The Gazans happily chanted takbirat as their expression of happiness.

The International Humanitarian Committee for Palestine Liberation (KKIPP) welcomes the ceasefire. According to a member of KKIPP’s Supervisory Board Ibnu Khajar, KKIPP will take advantage of this ceasefire for the recovery of the Gazans.

"We hope that this will be good news. We will work for the betterment of the Palestinians through future recovery programs," said Ibnu, Friday (5/21/2021).

Previously, the Gazan Health Ministry stated that 232 Palestinians were martyred in the Israeli attacks, including 61 children and 36 women. Additionally, 1,500 Palestinians have been injured.

"The material loss is also quite massive, which is estimated at up to IDR. 4.6 trillion. You can imagine how much it is. The recovery process will certainly not be easy," said Ibnu.

Apart from physical losses, the attacks on Gaza, as Ibnu mentioned, also affect the psychology of the victims. Data from KKIPP reports 30 thousand people in Gaza experience intense psychological pressure as a result of the Israeli airstrikes.

KKIP appealed to the people who fight for freedom in Palestine to remains steadfast. “We are advising the Palestinian freedom fighters to remain on standby 24 hours to ensure that this ceasefire will hold. We never know how long the Israelis observe the ceasefire because Israel has a history of violating the agreements,” said Ibnu.

KKIPP also asked other institutions or organizations that work to support Palestine to jointly intensify recovery programs. "Let us intensify the provision of food, medical, and other assistance for the recovery of Palestinians. We hope that each house, mosque, school, and hospital can become an aid distribution location," said Ibnu. []