Kupang Flood Survivors Experience Food Shortage During Ramadan

Flood survivors in Kupang Regency are still in dire condition. Their houses and stalls were destroyed by the flood. They hope for help to fulfill the food needs during Ramadan.

Minto while feeding his daughter. (ACTNews/Muhamad Ubaidillah)
Minto feeds his daughter. (ACTNews/Muhamad Ubaidillah)

ACTNews, KUPANG — The houses in RT 08, RW 04, Takari Village, Kupang Regency have been washed away and destroyed by the flood. Now, many people evacuate to their relatives or stay at the remains of their destroyed houses. The stalls, which were their sources of income, were also washed away. 

One of the flood survivors in RT 08, RW 04, Takari Village, Anto, said his kiosk was washed away. He managed to save only some of his merchandise. Anto admitted that this affected the fulfillment of food needs during Ramadan. He relies on help from relatives and generous people for suhoor and iftar meals.

“After the flood, I didn’t dare to sleep in my damaged house, so I made a tent next to it. Now, I stay at my damaged house because I think it is already safe. I don’t have many goods left in my kiosk so I rely on help from people for suhoor and iftar meals,” said Anto when interviewed by ACTNews, Wednesday (4/14/2021).

Minto also has the same story as Anto. Once, he had nothing to break his fast but water, and nothing for suhoor but rice and boiled mustard greens that he bought from his neighbor. “My children are not happy about the food but I cannot do much,” said Minto.

For the remaining days of Ramadan, Minto hoped he could meet the family’s food needs. However, he does not know what to do because his only skill is selling, and he doesn’t have enough capital to start selling again. “We pray to Allah that our sustenance would reach us through the benefactors and I will also keep making efforts,” he hoped.

ACT’s Emergency Response Team Coordinator for East Nusa Tenggara Lukman Solehudin said ACT had launched the Zakat-ul-fitr for a Million Refugees program through Ramadan Food Alms Movement so evacuees and disaster survivors do not worry about food shortages during this Ramadan.

Inshaallah, through Ramadan Food Alms Movement and Zakat-ul-fitr for a million refugees program, we want to ensure the food availability of suhoor and iftar for fellow Indonesians,” said Lukman, Thursday (4/22/2021).[]