Kusnendar, A Pandemic, and Various Trials

Several branches of Kusnendar’s martabak (Indonesian pancake) had to close one by one during the pandemic. He used to have 14 employees, but now only two employees remain. Last month, his store just caught fire. He chose not to give up and keep fighting.

Kusnendar works odds job to collect capital and is determined to rebuild his business. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA – This story comes from Rachman Kusnendar, a martabak (Indonesian pancake) seller in Pancoran, South Jakarta. Before the pandemic, his business was running smoothly. He had several branch stores and 14 employees.

Once the pandemic hit, Kusnendar branch stores closed one by one because the income could no longer cover operating costs. Only one branch and two employees have been running since then. Kusnendar then joined MSME Waqf program last March to maximize business. Unfortunately, he had to close his store.

“When the Emergency PPKM implemented, the last store was also closed due to sales problems. I decided to go back to my village and made an income there,” said Kusnendar, met by the Global Wakaf-ACT Team, Tuesday (8/7/2021).

Sad news came from Jakarta. Kusnendar’s older siblings passed away. He then came back to Jakarta. “In one month, two of my older siblings passed away,” said Kusnendar. Apart from taking care of his family, Kusnendar automatically supports his sibling’s family.

Many dependents become Kusnendar's spirit to reopen the martabak business. However, the last store was burned down when a fire broke out on August 26. the fire burned down his stoves, freezers, buckets, and all equipment.

The condition of the store after the fire. There are no more items left. (ACTNews)

Even so, Kusnendar's spirit does not damp. He chose to be patient and work odd jobs to collect capital. He hopes that in the future, he can run his business again.

Global Wakaf-ACT also helped Kusnendar by assisting. Hopefully, this donation will encourage Kusnendar to recover from the calamities he has experienced and rebuild his business. []