Lack of Funding Halts Renovation of Miftahul Ulum Mosque

The renovation of the Miftahul Ulum Mosque in Muntuk Village, Bantul, was stopped due to the lack of funding. The mosque that was established in 1996 has no proper facilities for worshippers to perform wudu. It also lacks loudspeakers and proper toilets.

mosque renovation
The renovation of Miftahul Ulum Mosque cannot continue due to the lack of funding. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANTUL  – Many mosques in Indonesian rural areas are in a dire need of renovation, one of them is the Miftahul Ulum Mosque in Muntuk Village, Dlingo Regency, Bantul. The mosque which is five by five meters wide has no proper wudu facilities, loudspeakers, and toilets. Only four months ago did the mosque begin to have running electricity.

The Miftahul Ulum Mosque was established in 1996. Nadzori, the son of the mosque’s founder, had intended to renovate the mosque in 2019. Sadly, due to financial constraints, the renovation was halted. Nadzori’s income as a bamboo weaver cannot cover the renovation costs.

“I solely hope that the worshippers, the children who learn the Quran here, and the locals who have gatherings here can do their activities more comfortably. I am ashamed to ask the locals for money, so I just wait for donations,” said Nadzori.

Parts of the building such as doors, window panes, ceilings, some of the tiles, and toilets have not been installed. During heavy rains, the water gets into the building from the opened windows.

Because the mosque has no loudspeakers, the worshippers will just come immediately when a prayer time comes without waiting for the azan to be called. The azan can only be heard by the worshippers inside the room.

“The worshippers have to make their wudu at home because we have no facilities for that. The restroom walls are made of worn-out woven bamboo,” he explained.

To support the renovation of the mosque, the Aksi Cepat Tanggap branch of Yogyakarta initiated a fundraising campaign on the Indonesia Dermawan website. Click on the widget below to contribute. []