Lack of Water Burdens the Life of Sigi Residents

Potoya Village, Sigi Regency, if often hit by drought. The lack of water has made it difficult for the locals to do their daily activities.

A Potoya Villager taking wudu at the local mosque. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SIGI - Potoya Village, Dolo District, Sigi, Central Sulawesi, is often hit by drought. The wells in the village dried out and the soil is parched during long dry season.

"During the drought, every Potoya villager, including children, has to search for water," said Moch Nurul Ramadhan from the Global Wakaf - ACT.

With most of the locals working as farmers, many of them have to switch jobs working as construction workers because the land can no longer be cultivated.

The water crisis also affects educational and religious activities in the village. People can no longer take ablution in the mosque due to lack of water. Hence, it was difficult for the locals to worship at the mosque.

Many of the locals have to work as construction workers because the land could not be cultivated. (ACTNews)

"Many of their wells have been dried out, so it is difficult for them to get water for their daily activities, including for wudu,” said Nurul.

The lack of clean water also affected the health of the locals because it was difficult for them to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. "Due to lack of proper toilets, diarrhea and various other diseases are prevalent,” said Nurul.

The water from the Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM) does not reach the village. They rely heavily on shallow wells that usually run out of water during drought.

“During a drought, the locals rely on wells that still have water. One well is usually used by about five families. However, there isn’t enough water for everyone. If that’s the case, they have no other choice but to depend on clean water assistance whose capacity is also limited,” said Nurul.

To solve the clean water crisis in Potoya Village, Global Wakaf - ACT started the construction of a Waqf Well in Potoya Village last May and finished on July 14. The well that was built near Al-Ikhlas Mosque benefit over q hundred families in Potoya Village.

"We aim to benefit 120 families around the mosque, and 75 regular worshippers at the mosque. We invite generous benefactors to continue to support this Waqf Well program as the dry season is approaching,” said Nurul. []