Lacking Money, Nurdin Struggles to Fight Complications

The last surgery that Nurdin had, was carried out in 2015. He didn’t continue his medication due to lack of money. Going home to Aceh became the only option.

ACTNews, EAST ACEH – Nurdin (63) could only enjoy his old age by laying still in his house in Bakti Hamlet, Seumali Village in Rantau Peureulak District, Aceh Timur. A lump grew in his head, while his right hand was paralyzed.

Since the last few years, Nurdin’s health condition had deteriorated. The doctor stated that he had a brain tumor with a lump in his left head. The tumor lump appeared after Nurdin had a traffic accident some years ago. Stroke worsened his body that his right hand couldn’t be moved.

Nurdin didn’t follow certain medications. His marginal economic condition forced him to stop his routine medications. He had undergone three surgeries, the last one took place in 2015. After that, he couldn’t carry on since he didn’t have the money.

Hearing about Nurdin’s condition that went viral on social media, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), through Mobile Social Rescue (MSR), gave medical assistance for Nurdin and his wife, Faridah Ismail, who had diabetes with gangrene on her foot. This assistance started in early January 2019 and hasn’t stopped ever since.

Nasrul Hadi from MSR East Aceh team said that until now MSR has given medical assistance for the sick couple. “In Aceh, Nurdin and his wife frequently did the medical examination at the closest medical facility, monitored by MSR team,” Hadi said when he visited Nurdin’s home on Sunday (6/23).

Previously, Nurdin and his wife lived in Batam. In the early days of the medical assistance, ACT Riau Archipelago team had an assessment, followed by medical assistance in March. However, in March Nurdin and his wife chose to return to their homeland in East Aceh, considering their health condition. “While going to Aceh, our colleagues in Riau Archipelago also assisted them, ensuring Nurdin arrived safely,” Hadi added.

Now, medication continued in East Aceh, with the assistance from ACT Riau Archipelago and MRI East Aceh. Since last March, ACT also has initiated online crowdfunding on The fund was handed last week for Nurdin’s next medication.

While giving medical guidance, MSR-ACT team also gave groceries to Nurdin and his family. The package will be able to cover his daily needs, as they live below the poverty line. []