Landslide Ravages Five Houses in Singaparna

Heavy rain caused a landslide in Tasikmalaya on Friday (9/24/2021). Responding to the disaster, ACT deployed a rescue team and assistance to the affected residents.

Singaparna landslide.
An ACT team member helps the residents cleaning up the landslide materials. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA REGENCY – Heavy rainfall occurred in Tasikmalaya Regency for a whole day on Friday (9/24/2021). The extreme weather triggered a five-meter-high cliff to collapse in Sukahaji Village, Singaparna. As a result, five houses near the cliff were hit by landslides.

Cucu, the head of RW said that the landslide occurred on the evening after the heavy rain. He said, at the top of the cliff there was a pool of water that continues to be filled and thought to have triggered the landslide.

Local residents then cleaned up the rest of the avalanche the next day, Saturday (25/9/2021). The fact that the rain still continues to occur, it is feared that it will cause further disasters. Disaster management equipment is also limited.

Responding to this disaster, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team rushed to send a team to the landslide location to help the residents. Although the landslide did not take any lives, the residents had to be busy cleaning up the landslide materials that had buried some of the residents' houses and the village roads.

“Apart from sending out their team, ACT also sent food aid to the affected residents,” explained Diki Zakaria from ACT Tasikmalaya Regency Program team.

Entering rain season, several areas in Tasikmalaya Regency become prone to disaster especially landslides. The hilly area even causes a higher potential for disaster especially if it is accompanied by heavy rains for a long time and tree logging.[]