Landslides in Lebak, Several Villages Isolated

A number of Kampung Muhara residents were isolated after landslide cut off the access to the village.

Mosque in Sajiramekar Village, Sajira Subdistrict, Lebak, Banten, severely damaged after the flooding and landslide. Sajira village was among the areas that were most severely-hit by landslide and flooding. (ACTNews/Akbar)

ACTNews, LEBAK - Heavy rain that poured on several areas in Java has resulted in flooding and landslides in several areas, including in the Lebak Regency of Banten. Many villages in a number of sub-districts in Lebak Regency are still isolated.

Musnana, a resident of Kampung Muhara, Ciladeun Village, Lebak Gedong Subdistrict, said that the flood swept away the residents' houses on Wednesday (1/1) afternoon. "The houses that are on the banks of the Ciberang river were washed away one after another. More than 30 houses in Muhara village were washed away, and the access to the provincial bridge that crosses the Muhara village was cut off due to flooding," Musnana told ACTNews.

He added that some families in Muhara village were still isolated. "Most of the residents have been evacuated, but there are still a number of families who cannot go anywhere because the road was blocked," continued Musnana, who evacuated to Cipanas Sub-District, Lebak.

Based on Musnana's observation before evacuating, most of the houses in his village were destroyed. "Only debris remains," he said.

Besides Ciladeun Village, other villages that were isolated included Banjarsari Village in Lebak Gedong Sub-district, as reported by BBC News Indonesia, Saturday (4/1). This is caused by the collapsed bridge and the road blockage caused by floods and landslides that hit Lebak.

"The problem is not [the lack of] heavy equipment because the area cannot be traversed by people and vehicles. Even if there’s heavy equipment, the area is hard to reach due to the broken roads and bridges. It cannot be accessed from anywhere except from the air," Iti said, quoted by the BBC News Indonesia.

Banten Regional Disaster Mitigation Board recorded that 6 sub-districts with 28 villages and 11,400 residents were affected by the flooding in Lebak Regency. On January 3, the SAR Team found five fatalities buried in Cigobang Village, Lebak Gedong Subdistrict. []