Learning Disaster Risk Reduction From an Early Age

In Surabaya, ACT and MRI held Humanity Day at Al Mizan Islamic School. In this event, ACT and MRI team educated students about the mitigation of various disasters, from earthquakes to fires and first aid for accidents.

A student
A student in Surabaya learns to put out a fire at the Humanity Day event. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SURABAYA – The scorching sun did not deter the Al Mizan Islamic Junior High School students from attempting to extinguish the deliberately lit fire. Excited expressions became sights. Curiosity prompted questions, as the things explained and practiced were close to their lives.

In December, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) visited Al Mizan Islamic School in Surabaya. ACT came to educate Disaster Risk Reduction to junior high and high school students. The team discussed Disaster Risk Reduction and conducted hands-on practice.

According to Enggal Dwi Utomo of the ACT Surabaya Program team, the event at Al Mizan Islamic School was a Humanity Day activity. ACT and MRI teams invited students to learn about and participate in disaster risk reduction.

"This year, Humanity Day invited junior high students to learn about earthquakes, tsunami, and fire mitigation. Meanwhile, we taught the senior high school students about first aid training,” explained Enggal.

In addition to disaster and accident management education, this year's Humanity Day chose ACT Humanitarian Ambassadors as an honor for the best students in humanitarian issues. The ACT Humanitarian Ambassador also represents the school at the school-level volunteer event.

"We expect ACT’s Humanitarian Ambassador to train students in leadership, empathy, and generosity," Enggal added.

Ustazah Sri, Principal at Al Mizan Islamic School, was pleased with the implementation of Humanity Day. Moreover, the lesson provided was related to disaster mitigation which is very close to life.

"I am grateful that the ACT team and MRI Surabaya volunteers are willing to share knowledge about safety with children," she said.[]