Lebak Flood Survivors Live in Difficulties Months After Disaster

Few months after the flashflood that hit Lebak, Supi's life hasn't changed much. She relies on generosity of others to fulfill her needs.

Lebak Flood Survivors Live in Difficulties Months After Disaster' photo
Supi sitting in front of her temporary shelter in the ICS compound. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, LEBAK - Supi (47) does not have many items in her temporary house in the Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) compound built by ACT. To the right of the shelter, there is only a stove and some staple food items. In her room, there were only a mat and a few clothes. Even the stove she has was a gift from an ICS construction worker.

"When I arrived here, it was totally empty. Even this stove was given by one of the construction workers who built this ICS. He said that it’s for me. I don’t need to return it, "said Supi on Tuesday (4/28) then at ICS Kampung Cekdam, Sukarame Village, Sajira Subdistrict, Lebak.

Her house was badly damaged by the flash flood at the beginning of 2020. She was unable to save any of her belongings, losing almost everything. Living alone with her teenage child, Supi is still in need of basic supplies, including staple foods.

To this day, Supi and her child have relied heavily on aid to fulfill their daily needs. Unfortunately, her supplies are running out. She does not yet know exactly how to make ends meet in the future because she is unemployed. She often has to eat only a little just to save the rice.

Supi is cooking rice she received that day. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

"Usually, I cook rice and some tempeh for to break the fast. At night I rarely eat. I mostly eat only two mouthfuls of rice, then I drink some water. What else I can do? I have no money,” Supi said.

Her difficulties are too much of a burden, so much so that she fell ill shortly after the flood. Her body ached and her hair kept falling, causing baldness. The doctor said that her illnesses were likely caused by stress, in addition to rheumatism that she has been suffering.

"When I think about it, I think it’s all has been written to me. What else can I do? But sometimes I get overwhelmed with sadness," Supi said.

To ease her worries, Supi received a rice package from the Free Rice Operation. At that time, ACT distributed 600 kilograms of rice to the inhabitants of ICS Lebak. ACT Banten Branch Manager Ais Komaruddin hoped that the rice aid can provide food for the disaster survivors for over the next few days.

"Hopefully this can bring happiness to them as Ramadan arrives. In the future, we will initiate economic empowerment programs for them so they won’t rely on aid anymore," said Ais.

Supi immediately brought the rice to her house to cook it. That day, she was cooking yellow velvetleaf. "Thank you, the rice will be enough for me for a few weeks," Supi said gladly. []


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