Lessening the Sorrow of Gaza Attack Victims

Lessening the Sorrow of Gaza Attack Victims

ACTNews, GAZA - Thin smoke and dust still rise in between the destroyed buildings. Some of the residents are still inspecting and looking for remains under the remains of their houses, Monday (5/6). Their houses were ravaged by the Israel airstrike on Saturday (5/4) evening.

The destruction and aftermath of the attack aggravated the life of Gazans. They lost their homes and food is scarce. In order to alleviate the crisis, hundreds of meal packages from Indonesia Humanitarian Center - Aksi Cepat Tanggap in Gaza are distributed for the victims of the airstrike.

“We hope that the food packages can help the underprivileged and the people who are living under constant terror,” said Andi Noor Faradiba from Global Humanity Response - Aksi Cepat Tanggap.

Mourad, one of the benefit recipients of the IHC meal packages, expressed his gratitude. “We would like to thank all benefactors. We also would like to thank ACT and Indonesia for the aid for us, who just lost our homes to the attack,” said Mourad. The aid is very beneficial for Mourad because the attack has aggravated the ongoing crisis. The attack has affected Gazans economically, destroyed their homes, and killed their loved ones.

According to Mourad, the attack that was launched in the morning targeted Bait Al Aminin and a kindergarten. The attack killed several people. “The victims are the people of Palestine who are ready to sacrifice everything they have to continue the fight,” said Mourad.

For Mourad and the people of Palestine, defending their homeland is an obligation. They hold out in their homeland in the midst of Israel atrocities. Mourad stated that Palestine will stay steadfast, even though the Zionists Israel killed their children and drive them away from their houses. “This will not affect the struggle of the Palestinians,” he said.