Like Uhud War in Rewind, They Defend Al-Aqsa

Like Uhud War in Rewind, They Defend Al-Aqsa

ACTNews, JERUSALEM – Sleeping at night, for Defenders of Al-Aqsa, perhaps, will not be quite sound. Defending and protecting Al-Aqsa have become a routine that comes as natural as breathing. Tension escalates unnoticed. One thing they really care about and shout loud: defending Al-Aqsa until the end of time.

It means that they want every policy and security measure that can make it difficult for them to enter Al-Aqsa compound have to be taken down. Not only one or two doors; they wait for Israel’s commitment to open all Al-Aqsa gates, with no exception. Removing every security camera and metal detector inside Al-Aqsa.

Since the last 24 hours, tension tops on every corner of the compound. Last Thursday (27/7), even before Subuh adhan filled the air, thousands of Defenders of Al-Aqsa had gathered in front of Bab Al-Asbath gate, the biggest entrance gate of Al-Aqsa.

Takbeer echoed in every side of walls. Followed by a sentence that provoked determination to whoever listened: Birruh Biddam Nabdika ya Aqsa! With blood, with soul, we defend you, oh Aqsa!

Not only Palestinian Muslims who have exclaimed their support for Al-Aqsa. Various Palestinian Christian communities also took part of the rally. They prayed the same thing: for Israel to remove all barriers that limit Palestinians from praying inside Al-Quds compound.

For more than two days, they took turn securing Al-Aqsa. It has been fifty years since Palestinians, generation after generation, put their best effort to try and defend Al-Aqsa. Because almost every day, Israel turn up with a new rule, applied to Al-Aqsa compound without any discussion.

Defending Al-Aqsa, just like in Uhud War

On Thursday morning (27/7), minutes before dawn prayer call (Subuh), a pack of Israeli finally fulfilled Palestinians’ demand. Al-Asbath gate was open completely. Takbeer were shouted across. Guardians of Al-Aqsa, or better known as Mourabitat and Mourabitoun, kneeled and expressed their gratitude to God.

However, Al-Asbath gate is not the only gate Israeli should open, since Al-Aqsa compound has eleven gates surrounding it. The demand was not fully met until Israel remove all barriers and free Al-Aqsa completely to all Palestinian Muslims.

Uhud war zone that Prophet Muhammad and his friends took thousand years ago was the inspiration for their movement. In Uhud War, Prophet Muhammad told his troops to not withdraw from war zone without victory in their hand.

Muhammad taught his people to keep fighting, not weakening or fearing, for fear is a sign of kafeer people.

Today, every defender of Al-Aqsa holds on to that principle. “We learnt the lesson of Uhud War, to not celebrating (the opening of Bab Al-Asbath gate) until we really win Al-Aqsa over,” said Noura*, one Palestinian on contact with ACTNews, Thursday (27/7) morning in Jerusalem time.

However, right after Al-Asbath gate was opened, Subuh prayer was still performed by Palestinians outside Al-Aqsa mosque. Lines of pilgrims were neat, they prayed devoutly. Surrounding them were fully armed Israeli police, alert and suspicious.

Until this report is posted, protest rally on Al-Aqsa is still going on. Committee of Al-Aqsa (imams, representatives of Mourabitoun, and the caretakers of Al-Aqsa compound) has firmly demanded Israel to repudiate all kind of security measure (security cameras, metal detectors, and Israeli police on guard) from every gate of Al-Aqsa compound. []

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