Limitations Do Not Hinder Enthusiasm of Students in Nurudjjolam School

Nurudjjolam Islamic Boarding School in Pasir Wangun Village, Bogor Regency, has many limitations. However, these limitations do not necessarily become obstacles for the students in studying.

Nurudjjolam Islamic Boarding School
Currently, there are 60 students in Nurudjjolam Islamic Boarding School. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCYUstaz Ahyani's father had left the Nurudjjolam Islamic Boarding School before he died. He hopes that the struggle to educate students that he has done during his life can be continued by his son.

Ustaz Ahyani has also carried out this mandate with his wife since 2016. He does not charge any tuition fees from the students who study at his school in Pasir Wangun Village, Wangun Jaya Village, Leuwisadeng District, Bogor Regency.

For the daily needs and operational needs of Islamic boarding schools, Ustaz Ahyani relies on his money. He works as a construction worker who makes frames and doors. During this pandemic, not many people used his service.

“Previously, I could work five to six projects per month. Now, I only get two or three projects. Honestly, It is burdensome,” said Ustaz Ahyani, Monday (9/13/2021). According to him, sincerity is the key in these difficult times. His Islamic boarding school continues to run, and the number of students is increasing despite the difficulties. Now, there are 60 students.

The students recite the Quran alternately after Fajr, Asr, and Maghrib prayer. Each has a different schedule due to limited space. The school has simple facilities made of bamboo woven walls and fragile roof tiles. "Sometimes, children have to be given a day off if it rains heavily because it leaks everywhere," said Ustaz Ahani.

Some Quran copies are worn and have no covers. To support the spirit of the students, Global Wakaf-ACT distributed dozens of Waqf Quran for the Nurudjjolam Islamic Boarding School.

Alhamdulillah, Global Wakaf-ACT has helped us a lot such as distributing Waqf Rice, Waqf Drinking Water, prayer kits, food for students, and now the Quran copies. Hopefully, what is given by donors through Global Wakaf-ACT becomes a good deed and becomes an expiation of sins,” hoped Ustaz Ahyani. []