Little Benefactors Send Support to Palestine through ACT Medan

Solidarity for Palestine does not only come from the adults. In Medan, children took part as little benefactors by sending support for Palestine.

Fatih and Sobri, the two little benefactors send their donations for Palestine.
Fatih and Sobri, the two little benefactors send their donations for Palestine through the ACT Medan. (ACTNews/Siti Hajar)

ACTNews, MEDAN – For a week Aksi Cepat Tanggap Medan was crowded by the child donors. Children who received their Eid allowance on the previous Eid ul-Fitr moment utilized their wealth to donate for the Palestinian brothers and sisters.

Accompanied by their parents, Khansa and her sister Khodijah allocated all their Eid allowance to the ACT Medan to support Palestine. “We want to teach our children to help each other from an early age so that later when they grow up, they can stand among the benefactors,” said Sulaiman, the father of Khansa and Khodijah when they visited the ACT office, Thursday (5/19/2021).

Not only Khansa and Khodijah, Tahsina Fakhrina (7) who was accompanied by her mother also visited the office of ACT Medan, Saturday (22/5/2021). Previously, Tahsina also donated to the earthquake survivors in Lombok and Palu. This time, all of her Eid allowance was donated for Palestine.

Fatih (7) and Sobri (4), the two brothers who regularly donated to the ACT also send their Eid allowance to help Palestine, Friday (5/21/2021). “It’s okay if our allowance is lessened, we will get more later,” Fatih told his little brother, Sobri. They were so happy when the ACT team asked them to take pictures with the Palestine flag.

The spirit of these little benefactors was highly appreciated by the netizens on the ACT Medan Instagram account for their inspiring action. “May Allah replace your donation multiple times dear. Bless your family! Masha Allah, their parents have raised their children well! All the best for ACT!” said @kinanti_sulz account on Instagram.

Until now, the Israeli military bombardment of Palestine still became a grief for the people of Medan. Many citizens and local communities have submitted their donations through ACT to be distributed to the Palestinians.[]