Long-Awaited New Mosque for Cijoho Residents Now Completed

For years, Cijoho residents, Wandasari, Bojonggambir, Tasikmalaya, had been waiting for mosque reconstruction in their village. Finally, this September, the wish has been come true with the support from benefactors.

Sabilul Khoer Mosque
A Mosque renovation in Cijoho Village, Bojonggambir is now complete. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Happiness surrounds the residents of Cijoho Hamlet, Wandasari, Bojonggambir, Tasikmalaya Regency. It is because their long-awaited reconstruction of Sabilul Khoer Mosque in their hamlet has finally been completed. For tens of years, the residents had been wishing for it, however, it was just came true this September 2021.

Sabilul Khoer Mosque has been reconstructed by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) with a larger size. Previously, the worship center was only 3x5 meters wide in poor condition, such as perforated walls, the roof that was only supported by bamboo, and the space that was too narrow and unable to accommodate many congregants. The mosque toilet was also inadequate to be used by the congregants.

Sabilul Khoer Mosque is indeed very important. The worship place is not only for the five times congregational prayers but also a place for children to learn Islam and other religious activities. Due to the small size of the mosque, sometimes, not all congregations could be accommodated. Therefore, residents would use another nearest mosque which is approximately 1 kilometer away that has to pass through rice fields and hilly roads.

The residents have intended to renovate the mosque for a long time by raising funds themselves. However, their collected funds were still not enough to cover the renovation cost due to their limited financial situations as most of them are underprivileged.

Now, the newly renovated mosque has been completed and can be used for various religious activities by the residents. Komarudin, the Head Committee of Sabilul Jhoer Mosque expressed his gratitude to ACT for the mosque reconstruction. “On behalf of the residents and MUI Cijoho, I want to say thank you to ACT and the benefactors for their support and assistance for this mosque reconstruction. Hopefully, this mosque will be more prosperous and become a very comfortable place for residents to carry out various activities," he said.

Sabilul Khoer Mosque before the reconstruction. The small size of the mosque cannot accommodate the entire congregants. (ACTNews)

The construction of Sabilul Khoer Mosque is one of ACT’s programs to support community activities. Fauzi Ridwan from ACT Tasikmalaya Program team said that as of September, 12 mosques have been built.

"In addition to the mosque, ACT Tasikmalaya also builds comfortable housing for underprivileged elderly people," explained Fauzi.[]