Long Journey to Deliver Humanitarian Aid to Residents in Sarah Raja, North Aceh

It was not easy to arrive at Sarah Raja Hamlet, Lubok Pusaka, Langkahan, North Aceh. However, ACT team, MRI volunteers, and the SAPEFSM Community continued to deliver food packages from benefactors to residents.

ACT, MRI, and SAPEFAM teams
ACT, MRI, and SAPEFAM teams cross the river to arrive at Sarah Raja, North Aceh. (ACTNews/Amanda Jufrian)

ACTNews, NORTH ACEH – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continues to expand many kindness programs for the community. This time, coinciding with the month of independence, another act of kindness was carried out in Sarah Raja Hamlet, Lubok Pusaka Village, Langkahan, North Aceh. This location was chosen because it is far from the city center and many poor people live there.

To arrive at Sarah Raja, the ACT team had to take one hour by land and one hour by water using a simple boat. There is no other way to get to the location. Residents also use this route every day for various purposes.

ACT team, MRI, and assisted by resident Sarah Raja bring humanitarian aid from the dock to the distribution location. To arrive at Sarah Raja, North Aceh requires a long journey. (ACTNews/ Amanda Jufrian)

"We delivered food packages from Free Food Operations, Waqf Quran copies, and financial assistance to the teachers and preachers there. We also want to bring a message of independence to the people there because we are all brothers and sisters of one nation,” explained Branch Manager of ACT Lhokseumawe, Tariq Farline.

Tengku Muslim, usually called Abi Muslim, is one of the preachers in Sarah Raja. One day a week, he came to Sarah Raja to preach. He spreads Islam with sincerity. He is not alone. His friend, Tengku Musliadi, also spreads Islam in Sarah Raja.

“I want to say many thanks for assisting. We are grateful,” said Abi Muslim, a Principal of Dayah Bustanul Muttaqim Paya Pasi Branch.

Residents of Sarah Raja warmly welcomed the assistance. Zulkifli, head of the hamlet, said on behalf of the residents, he expressed his gratitude for this assistance. He admitted that it was not easy to come to his hamlet because of the strong current of the river.

"Thank you to Generous Friends and Abi Muslim who have struggled to bring religious knowledge to educate us here," he said.

The humanitarian aid for residents in Sarah Raja was from the collaboration of ACT, Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) North Aceh volunteers, and Komunitas Santunan Pendidikan Fakir Miskin assisted by Teungku Musliadi.[]