Lontong Pical Uni Nur Barely Has Buyers due to Pandemic

During the pandemic, Nur Sinta’s lontong pical business faces a great obstacle. Her income has drastically decreased to the point she has to take a capital loan with high interest.

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Nur starts to prepare her lontong pical ingredients at 4 a.m. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOLOK – Nur Sinta, a mother who is familiar with Uni Nur is struggling to keep her lontong pical (West Sumatran cuisine) business. She admits that there are many challenges she faced while running the business these past three years.

Uni Nur sells her lontong pical in front of her house in Lumbuk Sikarah, Solok, West Sumatra. During the pandemic, her income is only IDR 100 thousand per day while it requires IDR 70 thousand capital per day to run her business.

“My income has decreased a lot. I used to get IDR 200 thousand per day, but lately, due to a lack of buyers, my merchandise is barely sold out. Sometimes, my income is only enough to return my daily capital. It’s already a relief if I can return my capital,” said Nur, Saturday (8/7/2021).

However, she has to keep working hard. Nur’s situation forces her to wake up at 4 a.m to start selling. She always tries to get her capital from anywhere. “If I no longer have the capital to sell, I have no choice but to take a loan from the union although with high interest,” explained Nur.

Nur uses her income from selling lontong pical to pay for the tuition of her eldest child and her other three children who are still in school. 

Nur hopes to receive capital assistance without interest so that she can develop and revive her small business.[]