Lumbung Air Wakaf Completes Ramadan Food Distribution in the Western Part of Indonesia

In the second Ramadan in the pandemic, Global Wakaf has increased and expanded their Waqf Drinking Water production. Now, this product of waqf management from the Lumbung Air Wakaf will be completing the food package distribution in the western part of Indonesia.

The production team of Lumbung Air Wakaf Lhokseumawe is packing the Waqf Drinking Water and ready to be distributed.
The production team of Lumbung Air Wakaf Lhokseumawe packs the Waqf Drinking Water to be distributed. (ACTNews/Amanda Jufrian)

ACTNews, LHOKSEUMAWE – Striving to give the best food assistance to the community, Global Wakaf continues to maximize the waqf funds for productive sectors. Besides Waqf-based Rice Barn, Global Wakaf also launched the Waqf Drinking Water produced by Lumbung Air Wakaf which has reached various regions.

In this Ramadan, one of Lumbung Air Wakaf which keeps on producing is in West Batuphat, Muara Satu District, Lhokseumawe. This food barn is targeted to produce 14 thousand boxes to be distributed to the community through Ramadan Food Alms Movement in Aceh and its surrounding.

“From the Lumbung Air Wakaf in Lhokseumawe, the WAqf Drinking Water will be distributed to Banda Aceh, Lhokseumawe, Medan, Labuhan Batu, Sabulussalam, Padang Sidempuan, and Langsa. The distribution will be performed by the nearest Aksi Cepat Tanggap branch office involving the volunteers,” explained Hidayatullah from Global Wakaf - ACT Lhokseumawe Program team, Sunday (04/18/2021).

The Waqf Drinking Water produced in Lhokseumawe is the result of collaboration with PT Aini Sejahtera. Later, the bottled water will be distributed to various elements of the community during Ramadan.

Not only in Lhokseumawe, during Ramadan, Global Wakaf is activating Lumbung Air Wakaf in other regions as well. As of now, there are 16 points of water springs that support the Waqf Drinking Water production. Through those springs, they are targeting to produce 200 thousand boxes with 2 million beneficiaries all over the country.

“Lumbung Air Wakaf is not only an actual implementation of professional waqf management by Global Wakaf. The wide benefitts is the main point of this program as well,” added Hidayatullah.[]