Lumbung Ikan Wakaf: Strengthening Food Supplies, Empowering Fishermen

The Global Wakaf-ACT starts to run the Lumbung Ikan Wakaf (LIW) from the Productive Waqf Seafood program. Currently, in one day, the LIW in North Jakarta can produce two tons of processed fish. Not only to bring food sovereignty but the LIW is also expected to empower the fishermen.

The fish drying process around the Lumbung Ikan Wakaf.
Packages of Waqf Fish are ready to be distributed. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Collaborating with one of the salted fish processing sites in Penjaringan, North Jakarta, Global Waqf-ACT has started producing at the LIW. In the early stage of production, the LIW can produce up to two tons of Waqf Fish each day.

“This product will support the logistics of the National Food Alms Movement and other food packages initiated by the Aksi Cepat Tanggap for the community. For the early stage, we initiate one processed product first, which is the Waqf Fish. In the future, we will produce the frozen and fresh fish variants,” explained Danu Putra Anugerah from the Global Wakaf Team on Thursday (5/20/2021).

The LIW is part of the Productive Seafood Waqf program. This waqf-based program strives to optimize the nation’s fishery resource, increase the economy of the underprivileged fishermen and other marine sector actors, and also bring food sovereignty as the main purpose.

The fish drying process around the Lumbung Ikan Wakaf. (ACTNews)

Sanip, one of the fish processors and partner of the LIW, said that the current problems for fish-processor-fishermen are the engines and fuel. Moreover, the economic downturn due to the pandemic made it more difficult to sell fish than on normal days. In addition, another obstacle is the weather. According to him, drying salted fish takes one day to dry. It will reduce the quality of the produced salted fish if it takes more than two days to dry the fish. "Since the Covid-19 pandemic, sales have been reduced," he said.

Sanip puts his hope through the Productive Seafood Waqf program. He hopes that the production at the Lumbung Ikan Wakaf will run smoothly and improve the economy of everyone involved.

Packages of Waqf Fish were distributed last Ramadan through the Ramadan Food Alms Movement in Gunung Putri, Bogor. In the future, the expansion of distribution will continue to be carried out to various regions.[]