Maesaroh Struggles to Keep Business Afloat During Pandemic

The pandemic has made it very difficult for Maesaroh to sell out all of her chicken congee. One time, she had to give away her unsold congee to her neighbors.

To increase the sales of her chicken congee, Maesaroh sells her congee through online food delivery services. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA – Initially, the chicken congee cart that Maesaroh opens with her brother was quite successful. It was enough to meet her family’s needs.

Due to the pandemic, the business was severely hampered. Her brother then chose to return home to his village. Maesaroh now runs the cart all by herself.

"I still have to support my children. My husband works as an online motorcycle taxi driver," said Maesaroh when on Thursday (8/2/2021). The two children now help her sell the congee.

Maesaroh struggles to keep her business running through difficult times, especially when the Emergency PPKM began some time ago. She lost many of her customers due to the activity restrictions. One day, Maesaroh had to give away all of her unsold congee to her neighbors. "In the end, I gave the chicken congee to my neighbors," added Maesaroh.

Recently, an accident happened: Maesaroh’s congee cart fell down when she was preparing to sell. Parts of it were damaged. Now, she has to make some money to repair her cart.

But Maesaroh never gives up. She also sells her chicken congee through online food delivery services.

To help support Maesaroh's business, Global Wakaf-ACT provided capital assistance through Waqf for MSMEs program. With capital assistance, Maesaroh plans to buy raw ingredients and repair her cart. She hopes that this assistance can keep her business thriving. []