Mansur's Relentless Dedication to Education in the Innermost Areas of Gowa

For years, the children in the innermost areas of Gowa have to learn in a decrepit school. Mansur, a highly dedicated teacher, has relentlessly taught them despite not earning much money. What's important for them is for the children to have access to proper education.

Mansur's Relentless Dedication to Education in the Innermost Areas of Gowa' photo
MI Yapit Borong Nangka located in the innermost area of Gowa. This school only has one teacher, with around dozens of students. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GOWA – The Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (Islamic Elementary School) Yapit Borong Nangka in Parangkeke, Cikoro Village, Tompobulu, Gowa Regency, is only made of woven bamboo walls. The building has no floors, and the roofs are only made of zinc sheets that often heats up in hot days and become noisy when the rain falls. There’s only one blackboard in each classroom with only a few desks and chairs available. Each classroom is used by students of two grades.

At this school, there’s only one teacher who is also the founder of the school. It is Mansur, who has dedicated himself to educating the children at this school. He is determined to provide proper education for the local children. The man who graduated from an Islamic University in Makassar devotes himself to education. He does not make much money from teaching as he earns only IDR 250,000 a month that he receives every three months. He also works as a farmer to make extra money.

 “Several years ago I started proposing to several schools to open distant classes. Finally, this school was established under the auspices of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Yapit Lembangbu'ne,” explained Mansur.

Before the school was built, he taught the children is his own house. Later, there was a generous donor who donated a patch of land on which the school was built. Sadly, the school is in poor condition and has never been renovated. But it never dampens his spirit and determination, as he continues teaching the 53 students by himself.

More fund needed for school renovation

On July 21, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) started the construction of a new class for MI Yapit Borong Nangka from the funds raised through the website. From the target of IDR 200,000,000, IDR 21.4 million has been raised. The construction has not finished because more fund is needed to purchase the building materials.

"We began the construction because the school badly need renovation and additional facilities. Here in this school, a classroom is used by students from two grades,” said Andi Syurganda Haruna from the ACT South Sulawesi Program Department, Monday (9/14).

ACT first visited MI Yapit Borong Nangka in 2017 through the Indonesian Outer Islands program. This school looks like the one from the Laskar Pelangi film. Unfortunately, the condition in MI yapit Borong Nangka is more difficult because the access to the location is not easy. The road to the school is difficult to traverse. Even for four-wheel vehicles the terrain is quite harsh.

“If you wish to be involved in supporting the construction of the new classrooms, you can donate to Bank Sulselbar account number 5100 5321 0417 1658 in the name of Aksi Cepat Tanggap. After that, you can confirm by sending the transfer receipt via WhatsApp at 0821-9224-1414 or you can come directly to ACT South Sulawesi Branch Office in Makassar, "Andi asked. []