Many People in Pekanbaru Consume Waqf Drinking Water During Ramadan

At the beginning of Ramadan, ACT continues to distribute Waqf Drinking Water, a product of Lumbung Air Wakaf. This time, ACT distributed Waqf Drinking Water to mosques, Islamic boarding schools, campuses, and offices in Pekanbaru.

Distribution of Waqf Drinking Water in one of the mosques in Pekanbaru. (ACTNews)
Distribution of Waqf Drinking Water in one of the mosques in Pekanbaru. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PEKANBARU – In the first week of Ramadan, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continues to expand the benefits of the Ramadan Food Alms Movement. Food packages in the form of staple foods were distributed to various groups. The food packages are supported by the generosity of the community.

One of the items that continue to be distributed is the Waqf Drinking Water. It is the product of Lumbung Air Wakaf that comes from the management of waqf funds. ACT distributes Waqf Drinking Water to various regions including Pekanbaru through ACT Riau.

“We distribute Waqf Drinking Water to offices, mosques, schools, and Islamic boarding schools in Riau and its surroundings,” explained Branch Manager of ACT Riau Hendi Gunawan, Sunday (4/18/2021).

Apart from fulfilling the food needs, ACT wants to educate people about alms and waqf that have many benefits and involve many people, not only the beneficiaries. Waqf is not only in the form of tombs, mosques, and madrasas, but also assets that can be produced, and the results can be increased and expanded.

“We hope that the distribution of Waqf Drinking Water can continue after Ramadan and the reach of Waqf Drinking Water can expand,” added Hendi.

During Ramadan, ACT Riau will get be supplied with Waqf Drinking Water from Lumbung Air Wakaf in Payakumbuh. There will be 16 thousand boxes of Waqf Drinking Water for the distribution areas of West Sumatra, Riau, and Riau Islands.[]