Maryam Supports Her Family through Her Shop

By selling basic necessities at her grocery shop, Maryam tries to support her family and pay for her husband’s medical expenses.

Maryam at her grocery shop. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PONTIANAK – When her husband fell ill, Maryam decided to return to her hometown in Pontianak after having worked in Sanggau Regency for some time. They closed a snack stall near a palm oil plantation that they have run.

“On my children’s advice, we decided to go home to our hometown in Pontianak and started everything from scratch because we used up most of my money for my husband’s medical expenses,” said Maryam, Wednesday (11/3/2021).

Now, she runs a small shop near the entrance of an alley in Pontianak City to pay for her husband’s medical expenses and her family’s basic needs.

Maryam admitted to skimping on her personal needs and putting her husband's needs first. Maryam chooses to continue working on her own because she does not want to trouble her children who are now married.

"Now I'm at home taking care of my husband accompanied only by my youngest child," explained Maryam. The children are often worried about her health “But I said to them, 'Calm down, I’m fine. Insha Allah, I still have faith," added Maryam.

He thanked Allah that goodness often comes to her without her asking for it. “Sometimes, people deliver food or groceries to us,” said Maryam.

Goodness also came to her in the form of business assistance from Global Wakaf – ACT through Waqf for MSMEs program. Hopefully, her business can develop and further support her family. []