Maryati Reaps Alms Blessings in Troubled Times

Since the pandemic, Sumaryati, or Maryati, has been trading snacks at a school. When she wanted to start a business again, Maryati's child forbade her to leave the house. He also looked for ways to sell from home. His steps have been the easiest so far and he believes this is thanks to the alms that he often teaches to his children.

Sumaryati when she just finished cooking the snacks she produced. (ACTNews / Fetriyanti)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Sumaryati (46) or as she is usually called Maryati, is a food vendor at the school canteen of MTs Negeri 6 Jakarta. Every day, he cooks a different menu so that school residents don't feel bored to enjoy it. He also serves orders for food or snacks for special occasions held at school. In a day, the merchandise turnover can reach Rp1 million. "Yes, one day can get one million. It's not the same as money for shopping, huh, ”he said.

However, since the pandemic hit, Maryati was forced to stop trading at the same time as face-to-face teaching and learning activities at schools were stopped. Her two children also forbade Maryati to leave the house because she was worried about her health. He was confused about finding a source of income again. But a few months ago, Maryati received alms for business capital through the Sahabat Usaha Mikro Indonesia (Sahabat UMI) program, which revived her enthusiasm for trading. "Then I was taught to trade online, with the kids," said Maryati, showing her wares at her house.

Now, Maryati produces various kinds of chili sauce and dried potatoes in packages. Hafiz, one of her children, created and helped manage social media accounts so that Maryati's merchandise could be marketed more widely. Maryati herself also markets her products through the Whatsapp and Facebook applications. Even though her turnover is not what it used to be, Maryati admits that she is grateful for getting capital support.

Sumaryati together with her home products. (ACTNews / Fetriyanti)

While his other two children are currently active in the world of humanity. One of them is currently migrating to Sumatra Island as a volunteer. "He has been active for a long time, he has been traveling around. Have also been to Lombok, Papua. Yes, Alhamdulillah, ”said Maryati proudly.

Maryati has indeed taught her two children to always share with others, setting aside some of the money we have to donate from an early age. "Yes, I'm just saying, if you have a fortune, separate it for alms. Thankfully now the children are happy there (in the world of humanity), "

Blessings in the form of conveniences in her life, especially during this pandemic, Maryati believes this is a form of God's grace to her. I don't know if he reaps from his past goodness, or not. What is important for him is to always be a grateful human being.

The blessing came back to Maryati on Friday (4/9), when Global Waqf - ACT introduced the mosque-based Micro Business Capital Waqf program as a flagship program of waqf aimed at continuing to support micro business actors, namely farmers, fishermen and small traders. like Maryati. The mosque as one of the bases of Muslim philanthropy is expected to be a center of generosity that is beneficial to the ummah.

"There needs to be a massive movement to improve the situation. This kindness must be done together. Through this mosque-based Micro Business Capital Waqf program, we hope that all elements of society, especially mosque congregations, will be involved in providing the best waqf, "said Nurhijrah Muhammad as Head of ACT East Jakarta Branch. []