Marzuki Alie: Respond to the Pandemic with Efforts, Prayers, and Reliance on Allah

Despite the severe impact of the pandemic on the economy, many are still optimistic that things will recover eventually. Therefore, Marzuki Alie advises everyone to adapt, continue making their best efforts, and continue to pray.

Marzuki Alie when met on Sunday (10/18). (ACTNews / Erwin Santoso)

ACTNews, MALANG – This year’s economic growth has been sluggish due to the pandemic that hit since early 2020. In fact, it has contracted by 5.32% in the second quarter of 2020. The difficulties caused by the current global outbreak also affect the grassroots community.

Former Speaker of the People's Representative Council Marzuki Alie stated that, in facing the current pandemic, it is important that everyone must adjust by complying with the health protocols. By adapting, humans can survive and restore the situation. In line with that, Marzuki also invited everyone to continue making their best efforts.

"Insha Allah, if we all follow the health protocols, the impact of Covid-19 will recede, and Insha Allah, the market will begin to open up again. Therefore, I invite all Indonesian people, especially Muslims, to rise up. Let’s make our best efforts, as the government has also invited us. The government has facilitated us a lot for us to rise up,” said Marzuki, who was interviewed in the Lowokwaru area, Malang City on Sunday (10/18).

He further stressed that the pandemic comes from Allah, so that the community must not be afraid and strive to maintain their health instead. "We can't give up because this pandemic comes from Allah. We don't need to be afraid. If everything is from Allah, just surrender yourself to Allah. The important thing is not to stop making their best efforts and praying. Insha Allah, everything will return to normal as before the Covid-19 pandemic," hoped Marzuki.

A farmer assisted by Global Wakaf - ACT is working on his land. (ACTNews)

Assistance to those in need is also important in these trying times. He also appealed to the public to always help others by setting aside some of their wealth for charity.

“Those who have excessive wealth and those who are not so wealthy must not be afraid to give charity because charity will not make us poor. In facts, almsgiving will enrich us because the money that we donate will help us when we meet Allah,” said Marzuki.

One of the almsgiving practices that are useful to support the needy is waqf. Alie himself has participated in the waqf endowment in a collaboration with Global Wakaf - ACT to help farmers who are currently experiencing difficulties.

"I am grateful that, Alhamdulillah, yesterday we signed an agreement between Gema Petani and Global Wakaf - ACT to finance the rice cultivation on a 500-hectare rice fields. This is an amazingly good start. We, as managers of the Gerakan Masyarakat Pesantren Untuk Ketahanan Pangan Indonesia (Gema Petani) want to revive the agricultural economy especially at the pesantren level. We had a funding problem, but once we met an institution that manages waqf funds, we feel that we were given an opportunity,” he explained.

Marzuki also felt he had a big responsibility to manage this fund for the benefit of the people. Therefore, he hoped for support from the benefactors so that this cooperation can continue to grow. "I think this is something extraordinary, something that we must grow and develop in order to build the people's economy towards a prosperous, just and wealthy society," said Marzuki.

This assistance in the food sector is one of the Global Waqf – ACT’s efforts as part of the Bangkit Bangsaku movement. The  movement itself focuses on saving three vital sectors that are currently severely affected by the pandemic, namely social, economic and health through its various programs.

"Our nation needs to be motivated by a movement that keep us aware of our various problems, pave a way for real solutions and implementation, and keep optimism alive. All of these actions require great collaboration from various elements of society. All of the nation's children are invited to contribute and spread their enthusiasm and ideas to revive the nation. Together, we will roll a snowball of our concern for Indonesia," said ACT President Ibnu Khajar at the launching of the Bangkit Bangsaku movement on Wednesday (9/30). []